HTML5 and Javascript/ES6 game for TCSS 491 – Computational Worlds

(Not yet optimized for mobile play. Right click to move. Q, W, E, R, T for spells. No objectives yet, just exploration, although there does exist a room that spawns more characters.)

Visit to play in full screen!

You are playing the live, master-branch version of our Computational Worlds game project, which is currently titled The Untitled Adventures of Dr. Marriott. Commits to master will continue to happen several times per week until mid-March 2019.

The game uses some interesting techniques and we are all taking the opportunity to experiment with what is possible to achieve in such a sort period of development time. The game currently features:

  • Randomly generated levels
  • A* pathfinding movement controls
  • Enemy behavior AI

With lots more planned. We were inspired to create this game based on the games we loved to play growing up. We’ve taken our favorite elements from Dungeon of the Endless, Diablo 2, with controls inspired by the Warcraft 3 RTS game engine.